ReFame is the power of an army of content creators (influencers) to bridge the gap between your brand & potential consumers.

Client: ReFame
Role: Brand Identity, UX & UI Design
The ask: Make self serve iOS app for influencers to find and manage campaigns. 


The Identity: The first step for working on this project was to figure out the brand identity. Since ReFame works with influencers from Vine, Instagram and Snapchat I knew I wanted to tie the brand with these colors so brands and influencers could easily recognize that ReFame works with Vine, Instagram and Snapchat. As you can see in the bottom these are some of the concepts I created. ReFame ended up choosing the logo in the top of this page.


After initial rough sketches of ideas for the app I started these wireframe. As you can see there are similarities from the wireframes and the final product and at the same time there are differences. This helped the client visualize some flows and kickstarted started the discussion about other ways to accomplish the same task.


To keep true to the brand I created some custom iconography you can find throughout the app.